Slides, co-founded by  Hakim El Hattab, is the new installment of what used to be, a service for authoring, storing, presenting and sharing presentations, or slide decks. You can check out the Welcome to Slides presentation (embedded below) so you can see an example of what you can do with it - very meta!

The Slides editor is web-based so all of your work is stored in Slide's servers, accessible wherever you can get online. You can also export a PDF and share or print it for your audience. Decks are mobile ready and can be embedded inside of a site or blog and downloaded for full offline access.
It's free to sign up, bur here's the catch: with the free plan all the presentations you create are public. If you want more privacy, sharing, editing and exporting options as well as more storage space you have to pay up - from 6$ to 14$ a month.

In his website, swedish born new york based, Hakim El Hattab says he's an engineer but he is really a digital artist. This interactive developer was originally a flash developer having worked on heavy on animation websites for the likes of Nintendo and BBC. This background gave him a particular way of thinking about everything in motion. He now works manly with HTML/Javascript developing incredible interactive web apps.

Him being swedish, many of his apps have swedish names, like Avgrund, Meny and Fukus - like most of his recent work, these are a couple of useful UI elements.

On the entertainment side of things, he developed an html5 modern take on the snake game called Sinuous, "a game with a single objective: avoid colliding with the red dots." is a tool which allows you to recreate images using thousands of letters of text.

Then, there is Sketch Toy, "a drawing application where lines appear to vibrate slightly like in an old cartoon. Sketches can be saved to a unique link and when shared, the sketch will replay as it was originally drawn." There are some seriously impressive drawing animations posted in the app's facebook page.

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