An almost fiction by Fábio Cunha
When I was learning
How to ride my bike
My uncle told me:
"to learn, you will have
to fall many times"
I started falling on purpose.
So says the author, Fábio Cunha. Almost Fiction, is his limited edition, self published book made on the road, with a bicycle and a 35 mm camera passing through different countries. The words above are written in the first page and are some of the few you will find there. According to him, through physical exertion the landscape became a laboratory where he concocted an "almost fiction" from unusual situation found in reality.

12th July, near Dresden - It´s noon; I stopped to eat an apple and drink water. 5 days ago I started. The constant equilibrium and the physical exertion triggers the thought to find unusual situations. I dedicated these last days cycling and building pictures, assumptions of small narratives that make reality an almost fiction. A path that ends in a tree, a man who “cuts” the countryside running, a house that is slowly swallowed by the earth. Images that are experiences, possibilities of performative landscapes that by its inherent strangeness cause doubts and force decisions. Keep on.

Cunha is an Architect by education and a photographer by choice. You may be able to find a copy in STET bookshop, Lisbon, or by emailing the blog.

Fabio Cunha
21,5 x 16,5cm | 60 pág. | 25 imagens
Edição de 150 cópias
White Lemon, 2014


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