UZTA bag - model NOCE

UZTA bags are handmade with premium quality recycled italian leather - leather which due to processing blemishes would not be used in the traditional market. "Every scratch, mark or burnt is a leitmotif in our products" writes Ilaria Bozzini, the designer behind UZTA. They are made in Portugal.

Italian born Ilaria Bozzini is a tinkerer at heart. She is currently based in Lisbon where she works in different medium like illustration, design, ceramics, photography, drawing and clothing, fulfilling her desire to adapt to a rapidly changing and unpredictable world.

Bags are sold at the Alexandra Moura store in Lisbon, or by writing directly to 

Also, check out her OBÔ project  - a limited edition book containing photographs made in the islands of São Tomé and Príncipe. OBÔ - dense forest in the local dialect - is a collections of stories accompanied by illustrations. It comes in a lovely envelope including two postcards. Buy it HERE.


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