J. Bennett Fitts

J. Bennett Fitts conceived of these works as a response to Lewis Baltz’ striking 1970’s series of photographs of Irvine warehouses. Fitts expands on the theme of the strangely manicured, isolated space; manufactured environments that seem to quantify the human experience of literal space and how it is utilized as an oddly dissociative landscape where all trace of human interaction is missing. Instead what we find in these images are representations of the natural world codified and contained within the corporate agenda.

These buildings seem to have been designed for the “low impact visual experience,” meaning their appearance is deliberately innocuous. The landscape also reflects this same sense of disconnection and manicured precision as lone trees punctuate the otherwise bland surroundings. Lone trees appear almost as afterthoughts, isolated representations of nature thrown in for good measure.

J. Bennett Fitts has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally and his work is included in many notable collections, as well as being widely reviewed.

in kopeikin gallery


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