"Le véritable Amphitryon est l'Amphitryon où l'on dîne." 

Understanding performance as a generator, we questioned the power of an object in a given context: what tears us apart also brings us together - an antithesis that ‘THE HOST[O Anfitrião - PT] manifests willingly. This device employs elements most frequently associated with separation and/or exclusion, subverting them into the creation of meeting point. ‘THE HOST’ hopes to accommodate and contaminate unexpected everyday performances or elaborate theatrical creations, offering generously its stage to an uninvited but welcomed crowd.

THE HOST’ is a device which blurs the gap between stage and audience, promoting an unusual proximity between "spectators" and "actors". It imposes the necessary circumstance to the performance, conditioning the action and thus valuing the importance of the object itself as catalytic element for diverse interactions.

The project was conceived and built by Nuno Pimenta and Ricardo Leal in close collaboration with Miguel C. Tavares (construction, documentation e logistics), still under the umbrella of DOSE collective.

After making its debut at this year's MANOBRAS NO PORTO, hosting every activity (cultural, natural, legal and illegal) of the Miradouro da Sé, ‘THE HOST’ will soon be part of the pieces exhibited at  CAAPP Circuito Aberto de Arte Pública de Paredes.

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