stay focused: distract yourself

(post-it art by Marc Johns)
Guy Hurton explain how your mind invariably wonders off after some time of concentration and how a time-out can actually help you stay focused improving productivity. Here's a list of what you can do while at the office in order to take a break:
[1] Go take a walk.
[2] Get coffee/tea, even it’s just at the office kitchen.
[3] Go for a smoke—even though you really should quit and do…
[4] Tai chi or yoga.
[5] Go out and call someone you love.
[6] Read for a few minutes.
[7] Look at architecture publications (offices usually have these)
[8] Look on the internet for a while.
[9] Email a friend.
[10] Go “bother” a colleague and get him/her to get coffee/tea with you.
[11] Go to your local bookstore.
[12] Sit in a park.
[13] Eat lunch outside the office—not at your computer.
[14] Ride your bike for a few minutes.
[15] Daydream.
[16] Listen to some music.
[17] Wash your face and brush your teeth.
[18] Step outside and people watch.
[19] Buy a little something for your partner/loved one.
[20] Think about something besides architecture.
[21] Remember to breathe.
[22] Do some drawings on post-its.
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