unfriendly skies

Filmmakers have given us memorable antagonists who single-handedly level large-scale devastation. Less appreciated, however, are cinematographers' skill at evoking systematic failure through atmospheric devices: innocent anf fluffy clouds part, darken, and hell fire descends. A quick inventory of disaster film-skies reminds us that in the movies - and in real life - crisis may strike anytime.

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Covered are Earthquake, Iron Man, Encounters of the Third Kind, The Happening, Airport, Armageddon, Babel, Jaws, Waterworld, Wall Street, Wall-E, THX-1138, There Will Be Blood, Poseidon, Dante's Peak, Syriana, 28 Days Later, The Perfect Storm, AI Artificial Inteligence, The Constant Gardiner and Resident Evil: Extintion.

Part of the "Urban China Bootlegged for Volume by C-Lab".

bootleg |ˈboōtˌleg|
adjective [ attrib.]
(esp. of liquor, computer software, or recordings) made, distributed, or sold illegally : bootleg cassettes | bootleg whiskey.

verb (-legged, -legging) [ trans.]
make, distribute, or sell (illicit goods, esp. liquor, computer software, or recordings) illegally : [as n.] (bootlegging) domestic bootlegging was almost impossible to control | [as adj.] (bootlegged) bootlegged videos.

1 an illegal musical recording, esp. one made at a concert.
2 Football a play in which the quarterback fakes a handoff and runs with the ball hidden next to his hip: he scored on a 29-yard bootleg on fourth down.

bootlegger |ˈbutˈlɛgər| noun
ORIGIN late 19th cent.: from the smugglers' practice of concealing bottles in their boots.

in New Oxford American Dictionary

Wikipedia clears things up:
An illegally copied release is distinguished from a counterfeit. Counterfeits attempt to mimic the look of officially released product; illegally copied releases do not necessarily do so, possibly substituting cover art or creating new compilations of a group's released songs. A counterfeit is always an illegal copy but an illegal copy is not necessarily a counterfeit.


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