Constructivist Batman

Here I was dwelling in ArchDaily, looking for a specific post I had seen a couple of weeks ago when Russian Constructivism hit me in the head (there is a pun here). It seems that some graduates of the University of Western Australia have been studying Soviet Constructivism "by researching, analyzing and reproducing various significant buildings from the movement". And right there, the first image that appears is Batman Return's Nygmatech facility.  Well, not really, but that's the first thing that came to my mind. It was (is) actually a model of the Monument to Christopher Columbus, a building conceptualised in 1929 that looks like a 50's blender and which was quite bluntly transformed into part of the Riddler's lair. Almost all depictions of Gotham try to transcended all times and places, melding elements of Art Deco, Russian Constructivism, European and American futurism, modernism and post-modernism. So this comes as no surprise and I wasn't really the first person to realize this connection - as can anyway be proven by ArchDaily's post comments. I'm unable to understand if the commenters think the Australian guys are joking with them or even if they think that Batman Forever, a film so bad it has gone past good and back to bad again (in Enid's words), has somehow inspired Russian Constructivism itself.


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