china hates ______

This is not an original story. You could say it has become a folk tale. A boy (it could be a girl but in this case it's a boy) graduates from Architecture school, goes into internship and gets payed less than he needs in order to survive in the big city. But here's where the story takes a turn. This boy, Dai Haifei, decides that he won't (since he can't) pay the (now) high rents in Beijing. He thinks that, since he spends most of his waking life at the office he only need a place to sleep and so he designs and builds a small egg-house a few meters from the office door. Of course! I sounds obvious now!

And so he did. This egg-house had an interlaced bambu structure covered juta bags filled with soil and grass seeds providing thermal isolation. It seems the little home as made a buzz all over China and around it (planet Earth). But what happened next? Now it's easy to guess. No? Of course: chinese government has ordered the little house to be demolshed

I recall the recent demolition of Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei in Shangai also ordered by Chinese authorities. I'm starting to wonder if these mass demolition of all things creative in Chinese territory isn't just part of a destructive guerrilla marketing campaign since it does bring so much publicity (bad one?) to the red country. But no. Truth is this egg-house, as well as Weiwei's work,  "exposes the desolation behind the resplendent face of our cities" and societies.

Ver também:
Sunflower Seeds 2010 by Ai Weiwei
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