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This was supposed to be a long post. But I decided to shorten things up a bit and deliver some fishing canes instead of the actual fish - which basically means there will be loads of links.
This video for Peter Bjorn and John's Nothing To Worry About shows a day in the life of a very interesting guy. It was directed by Andreas Nilsson and Filip Nilsson [2]. I like the simple observation documentary style.

Whether seen as macho to a humorous fault or just so cool we can’t keep up, the dancers in Yoyogi Park have been at this for years. I’ve seen surprisingly little information on this subculture; everyone has videos and photos, but what makes these guys tick? Do they ever get young people to join? What is their official nomenclature? Will they die out? Do they care? in Japan Probe

They seem to be called “Rollers” (ローラー) [like rock n'rollers] and should not be confused with the Takenokozoku "who were active at the same time in the late ’70s/early ’80s. On the yankii side of things, but not necessarily straight up bosozoku. Came out of the big Fifties revival at the end of the ’70s. Died off later in the ’80s, but the original guys — pushing 50 in some cases — are still out there once in a while." in Japan Probe

Learn more about the modern subcultures that originated all of it:
The Rocker
The Teddy Boy
The Greaser
The Mod


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