Sakura Jazz

I've been dwelling through Jazz for quite some time. Some months ago I came across a 1965 album called Sakura Sakura from a gentleman called Hideo Shiraki plus his Quintet and + 3 Koto Girls. In there I found a jazz version of the traditional Japanese song "Sakura Sakura", not to mention a brutal interpretation of the Blue Mitchel standard "Alone Alone and Alone" played by the great Japanese trumpet player Terumasa Hino (Shirake is a drummer). After browsing a bit through youtube I found the following videos and felt like sharing.

This one reminds me of Ghost in the Shell:

Terumasa Hino live at the Blue Note Fuji Festival:

Traditional version of Sakura Sakura live:

Also if you feel like listening to some Japanese jazz, here's the album.


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