HINT.FM is the collaboration site of Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg. They invent new ways for people to think and talk about data.

As technologists we ask, Can visualization help people think collectively? Can visualization move beyond numbers into the realm of words and images?
As artists we seek the joy of revelation. Can visualization tell never-before-told stories? Can it uncover truths about color, memory, and sensuality?

There are some pretty interesting projects in there. I recommend the Fleshmap series [touch, look and listen],  or Flickr Flow. But one of the most interesting ones is Many Eyes which is a free site where anyone can upload, visualize, and discuss data. It aims to "democratize" visualization, and experiment with new collaborative techniques. Basically you upload any kind of data and then select one or more of the visualization types.

Last but not least, I leave here a few examples of what you can do with Web Seer. It's an application that takes Google Sugest, leting you see what others are asking when they search the web. From the existential to the mundane, the questions form a portrait of human curiosity.
More examples here or here.

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