El Ten Eleven - 1969

The year of 1969 is linked with the first manned moon landing. It was also the last year of "the sixties".

  • January 12 – Led Zeppelin I, Led Zeppelin's first studio recorded album, is released.
  • January 30 – The Beatles give their last public performance, on the roof of Apple Records. The impromptu concert was broken up by the police.
  • March 10 – The novel The Godfather (novel) by Mario Puzo is published.
  • April 28 – Charles de Gaulle steps down as president of France after suffering defeat in a referendum the day before.
  • June 20 – Georges Pompidou is elected President of France.
  • July 5 – Dies Walter Gropius, German architect (b. 1883)
  • July 7 – French is made equal to English throughout the Canadian national government.
  • July 20 – Apollo program: The lunar module Eagle lands on the lunar surface. The world watches in awe as Neil Armstrong takes his historic first steps on the Moon.
  • August 17 – Dies Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, German-American architect (b. 1886) 
  • October 29 – The first message is sent over ARPANET, the forerunner of the internet.
  • November 7 - Dies Ernesto Nathan Rogers (born 1909)
  • November 10 – Sesame Street premieres on the National Educational Television (NET) network.
  • November 19 – Soccer great Pelé scores his 1,000th goal.
  • The first Gap store opens, in San Francisco.


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