production od added value

Depois de "Strategy for Evolution", "Copy & Interpretation" e do actual número "Glamorous Compromise" eis que é anunciado o tema da próxima edição da revista Conditions. O tema será do #4 será PRODUCTION OF ADDED VALUE. Estão abertas as submissões de artigos. O briefing é o seguinte:

The next issue of CONDITIONS will focus on possibilities to expand the ambitions beyond the given assignment. Is the architect reduced to a service provider or should they take on responsibility to secure the common good? In most countries citizens pay tax or VAT to contribute to society in general, healthcare, social services, education etc. It is a system taking care of and ensuring the welfare of the citizens. What is the VAT of architecture? Who is responsible for adding the extra? Why should architecture engage? What is the right or appropriate strategy to ensure the productions of common value within architecture?

We are looking for speculative, provocative texts as well as projects exploring the production of added value.
Send your abstracts to within 12th of February. Deadline for final submissions is 10th of March.


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