digital harinezumi

Japanese design firm Superheadz is well-renowned for its innovative film cameras such as the Blackbird, Fly and the cutesy Ikimono. However, the company has recently introduced its first digital camera, the Digital Harinezumi.

As with Superheadz's other snappers, the 2-megapixel Digital Harinezumi produces pictures with a soft, out-of-focus feel. The colors emulate that of Lomo shooters--often quirky and sometimes unsaturated. Although this snapper has an LCD screen, shutterbugs won't be able to use it to frame shots. Instead, the firm has incorporated a plastic viewfinder on top of the camera for that purpose. As for the display, it is reserved for viewing pictures only.
in Crave

Take your time to look through the galleries in the official webpages... Also, read this interview on Nick Dangerfield - author of the video above - on El País.


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