Christmas Music

I want these for christmas!!! Anyone wondering what to give me now here's an option. Santa Clause is not to be trusted.

Efterklang released a live album called "Performing Parades" with the The Danish National Chamber Orchestra. The result is magic. Get it at Rumraket - free shipping :).
Includes a DVD with the recorded concert. I was lucky to have seen them live at Blå - Oslo. To everybody who's been missing their venues here's a sample: Caravan.

British Sea Power have made a soundtrack of sorts to Robert J. Flaherty's (Nanook of the North) Man of Aran. The album also comes with a DVD with the newly dubbed version. It's available almost anywhere, but - surprise - it is "no longer available" in Portugal... Except maybe at Jo-Jo's Music - but they import it and it get expensive...
A sample of this one: Man of Aran on Youtube.

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