Yang Yi no Yangtze

Não costumo pôr tantas imagens num só post mas acho que merece. Depois de um post do Pimenta, lembrei-me deste senhor que andou a tirar fotos nas cidades submersas pela barragem no Yangtze, China. Vale a pena ir ao Fabrik e ler o resto (link em baixo).

“One morning, I don’t remember when, I woke up in a sweat, my heart pounding in alarm. I was left only with a vague memory.”

Some words, some images from the Yang Yi underwater world…Enjoy!

In my dream, I appear, clothed; I come and go along these familiar alleys. I revisit my old school, the dazzle of lights emanating from the cinema, the riverside where I used to swim, the rooftops where I once went to get a breath of fresh air, the winding pathways… all is in darkness, unattended, there are no friends or relatives to be found anywhere. Where do all of these bubbles and floating objects come from? It becomes difficult to breathe, I fail to grasp anything, I scream but no sound can be heard…

I was born there 36 years ago.

On that day, I will awake underwater.

Visto em: Fabrik



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