Complex City

Complex City by Lee Jang Sub

Each one of branches in a big tree seems to be disorderly spreaded with no rules, but when you see the whole tree, you can find it is in perfect harmony. Nature has a balance which we cannot see with our vision. Lee Jang Sub created these trees with patterns of roads spontaneously developed in a city.

Therefore, the map of a city is composed of naturally created patterns in which there is no rule or regularity. This work tries to find a new possibility from these disordered patterns.

The installation work consists of a tree and space surrounding it. The tree composed of patterns of a disordered city is actually maintaining a state of harmony, although invisible. Also it resembles lives of nature and symbolizes the invisible order of the city. The patterns surrounding the tree are connected to one another and they become more and more complicated. However as a whole, we can find it as a process of forming a new order.

Through this work, Lee Jang Sub would like to suggest they don't see the complexity of a city only as an object that should be neatly arranged. Instead he proposes a new approach of finding order in the ComplexCity.

from text by Lee Jang Sub


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