Mussica - Mew

Este já tem um anito. Mas só o descobri agora. Está muito bom. Som da Dinamarca.


It is Mew's fourth album, and was released on September 19, 2005 in Denmark (September 26, 2005 in the rest of Europe) with great expectations as their previous album, Frengers (2003), had been a huge success and was well received by the critics. And the Glass Handed Kites mainly lives up to the expectations, although not as well received as Frengers, because of its composition, where as frengers was 10 individual "singles", Mew has made the approach to the new album more difficult for the "mainstream ear".The album has been called 'one long song', an allusion to the tracks' unnoticed transitions. The album was released in most of Europe, and on July 26, 2006 also in the United States where it has been well received by critics.

Ahead of the release, "Special" was played on the radio frequently.

Promo versions of And the Glass Handed Kites were selling for around £60 ($120) a piece on eBay months before the official release.


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